Omaha needs stores like this

Although this store relies on banks to fund its supply chain, the neighborhood feeling of this store seems right.  Unfortunately, I do not see banks becoming friendlier to local small businesses in the near future.  It is for this reason I feel the neighborhood market will become what they used to be and what they are in almost every other nation on earth; a rolling cart stand with one or two products. Local and healthy food is a necessity for living a healthy life. How many CO2 miles are associated with your food will become more an more important as prices for energy increase. Omaha is blessed to have a store like Wohlner's.  However, there is much more room for more healthy/local food and produce stores. Ideally, urban farming in Omaha is going to need options for retail. There is a part of me which would love to see rolling carts throughout Omaha's streets, I must admit.